October 16, 2017: UNICEF awards contract to Viable Knowledge Masters

UNICEF has awarded a contract to Viable Knowledge Masters (VKM) to carry out a study on the “Drivers of Violence Against Children in Nigeria”. The study on the Drivers of Violence Against Children is designed to provide supporting information to the Violence Against Children study that was previously completed in the country in 2014. The study will be carried out across four focal states of Lagos, Gombe, Cross River and Plateau States.

Dr. Olusesan Makinde, the managing partner at VKM stated that this is a worthy achievement and an attestation that the work that VKM has done over the years in child protection and gender-based violence has not gone unnoticed. We intend to carry out this assignment with great professionalism which we have signed to delivering.

VKM is a private research and consulting firm with a vision “to provide cutting edge research and consulting services to clients that meet international standards”.